About Basic Medical Supply  

Medsource International Co.,Ltd, is a emergency medical manufacturer and distributor for fire departments, military, government institutions and other emergency medical services that provide pre-hospital, emergency care.

Our mission is customer satisfaction through innovative and cost-effective products that improve health care delivery for caregivers and those they serve. We are proud of our current line of Medsource products and we pride ourselves on the unique ability to offer new items that meet your individual needs.

The professional soucing and sales company (Medsource China) over 11 years. and we (Medsource Factory, Inc. ) do manufacture lot's of medical products, example medical bags, splint, blankets, cot sheet, spinde straps,head immobilizer, collars etc.  

In last 10 more years,  we expand our products to 20 more countries, such as USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Poland, Italy, Portugal, Australia, Malaysia, New zealand, Singapore, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Puerto Rico ...


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we are always looking for the sales people with excellent experience in the ems rescue and fire rescue field.  if you are interested to be one of our team, call or email us for more details.sales@gomedsunline.com
Phone: 86-21-3175-0988

Current 15 people Team
General Manager (1+0)
Sales Team (1+4)
Customer Service (1+2)

Purchasing DEPT. (1+1)
Documents DEPT. (1+0)
Finance DEPT. (1+1)
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